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I develop websites for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Self Employed
  • Freelancers
  • Writers & Authors
  • Start Ups
  • Online Business Cards
  • Portfolio and Resume Sites
  • Personal Use


Please Note: All rates are subject to change without notice.

Minimum cost is $500.00 for a static website ($700.00 for a *WordPress site)
This cost includes:

  • a 1 to 4 page website or
  • 1-page layout with up to 4 sections
  • $250.00 due up front ($400.00 due up front for a WordPress site)

Each additional page (of a multi-page site) or section (of a one-page layout) is $90.00

Major additions/deletions/changes is charged at $35.00 per hour.
Minor edits/additions/deletions to color, content and images (of a static website) are ALWAYS FREE!

Responsive Design - Websites that adjust to look good on tablets, smartphones and iPhones is included FREE with your purchase!

* Unlike a static website, WordPress sites allow you, the customer, to make edits to your own content. You can add or remove paragraphs, insert or delete images, create news events, or make blog entries. The increased cost of developing a WordPress site allows you to have more control over your own content without incurring the additional costs of having a developer make content related changes to your site in the future.

Please Note: Any additional costs for website hosting and domain name purchase are your responsibility and is charged to you by the web hosting company you choose. These are reasonable costs that can start for as little as $40 per YEAR on average (or about $3.50 per month).


Web Apps

  • Cloud OS DesktopCloud-Based Desktop OShtml5 • css3 • js • jquery • jquery-ui • windows
  • Calculator AppCalculatorhtml5 • css3 • js • material design inspired
  • Sketchpad AppSketchpadhtml5 • css3 • js • jquery • html5 canvas tag
  • Email Client AppEmail Client Demohtml5 • css3 • js • jquery
  • Maps AppMapshtml5 • css3 • js • open street map • open layers • geolocation • nominatim search

Hardware Projects




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  • Martial Artistmartial arts image
  • writer imageWriter
  • Travelertravel image


Currently, I am transitioning into a full-time career in Web Development, studying HTML5, CSS3, and full-stack javascript. I have also done some studying of back-end languages like PHP, Java and Ruby. I am also a Teaching Assistant at the New York Code & Design Academy.

I have been involved with technology since I was a child. I went to Aviation High School and passed my FAA Airframe Mechanics license exam at the age of 17.

I've also been involved with all things computers for a long time. Over the years I've built hundreds of computers ranging from full-tower units with 500 watt power supplies to shoebox-sized, mini-ITX fan-less HTPCs running Linux and XBMC. I rooted a Barnes and Noble Nook tablet and installed a custom Android ROM. I've turned a mini Android TV box into a Samba server. I also hacked a chromebook and installed Ubuntu Linux, making it my on-the-go development laptop.


The martial arts have been another life-long venture for me. I got involved in the martial arts during my time at Penn State, and achieved a high level of proficiency in Isshinryu Karate and Okinawan weaponry. I expanded my exploration by studying various other arts such as Muay Thai, Filipino stick fighting, Russian Martial Art, and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

Studying martial arts led to other interests including human anatomy, bio-mechanics, health, and fitness. I also took a personal training course at Equinox Fitness and obtained a first-level Equinox certificate in personal training.


My interest in martial arts and fitness led to a writing hobby that included writing over half a dozen martial arts articles for such publications as Black Belt magazine and World of Martial Arts magazine.

I also learned how to design and layout books when I self-published two books on fitness and martial arts.


In addition to writing, my martial arts interest led to a love of travel. My first trek outside of the United States involved a one-year stay in Taiwan. During this time, I taught English to school children, trained with kung-fu masters, Muay Thai boxers, and spent some time in Okinawa, training with well-known Isshinryu master Angi Uezu.

I also traveled to Hong Kong, mainland China, South Korea, Okinawa, and Macau. The travel was great, the people kind and friendly, and the food fantastic!


Lastly, I have been a licensed X-Ray Technologist. Combining my interest in technology, anatomy, and health led to a degree in Radiologic Technology that led to a long career in the field of healthcare IT.

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