Welcome to Leo OS!

Leo OS is a proof-of-concept that with just HTML, CSS, and javascript/jQuery you can build an interactive, cloud-based, desktop environment or operating system.

Some applications are hosted by other websites, but are displayed in a windowed environment similar to what you would expect from a desktop environment.

Other applications (email client demo, sketchpad, calculator, maps) are my own self-developed apps.

All windows are fully draggable and resizeable.

You can view more of my work at eAponte.com

-- Release Notes --

- removed link to remote maps app
- added link to my maps app hosted on github pages

- removed sketchpad code
- added link to my sketchpad app hosted on github pages

- removed link to remote email app
- add link to my self-developed email demo app
- removed link to remote image editor
- added code of my self-developed sketchpad app

- update CDN for tinymce text editor
- background refresh every 20 seconds
- remove linking to remote calculator app
- add link to my self-developed calculator app

1-13-2016: added random desktop background on page reload

4-17-2015: added Read-Me window

4-14-2015: added date and time refresh every 60 seconds

3-5-2015: first release of Leo-OS